Partner With CodeGuard

Offer the security of CodeGuard backup solutions to your customers through a partnership with us. We remove the complexities and create a seamless experience for you and security for your customers.

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Everybody Benefits

Easy Integration

Our fully featured API provides your team with knowledge to integrate CodeGuard.

Differentiated Host Offering

Partnering with us allows you to stand out as a hosting provider by offering the security and tools CodeGuard offers.

Increased Client Trust

Provide your customers with the best security service on the market.

Customer Management Dashboard

Insights for your whole team. See who’s signing up, resolve customer issues, and address issues at the source.

Proudly Partnered

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Support That Matters

  • Marketing Toolkit We give you the tools and language to offer CodeGuard’s services.
  • Product Support As your partner, we care about making sure your clients have enterprise grade service.

Financially Benefit

  • Reduce Internal Support Costs Save your team time and resources searching for specifc files to retrieve. CodeGuard makes it possible to retrieve a singular file.
  • Increase Revenue Add another stream of revenue to your business. Partner with us and watch your ARPU steadily increase.

Partner With CodeGuard

Use CodeGuard to instantly offer your customers the best in the market for affordable off-site backup and monitoring.

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